April 17, 2013

So you want to learn how to tie a bow tie... GREAT! Every man should graduate from a clip on bow tie to a self tie. Tying a bow tie is a form of artistry. Clip on bow ties look too symmetrical, too perfect. A self tied bow tie looks awesome because of its imperfection. Here are steps to creating to masterpiece.


Bow tie Origin and History-----> 

Learn the different Bow tie Styles----->

Musing with Justin #5

Humility is the ability to allow our greatness shine without feeling superior to anyone. Many of us are so caught up in ourselves that we lose ourselves and fail to see what it will truly cost us. Women, have you encountered a man that could purchase anything he wanted but valued his beliefs over his money? Men, have you met a woman that was modest and humble that it felt wrong to focus on her outward appearance? Beautiful & Powerful are they not?

Any woman can hit you with the "I'm a good woman" speech. Any man can talk a good game, but you can never fake character. ~ ♚