April 24, 2013

So you want to learn how to tie a bow tie... GREAT! Every man should graduate from a clip on bow tie to a self tie. Tying a bow tie is a form of artistry. Clip on bow ties look too symmetrical, too perfect. A self tied bow tie looks awesome because of its imperfection. Here are steps to creating to masterpiece.


Bow tie Origin and History-----> 

Learn the different Bow tie Styles----->

Musing with Justin #6

Many women state that they want a nice guy but always fall for the bad boy.  Because of this nice gentlemen inevitably falls into the dreaded "friendzone" with the woman. Why is it that some women don't like to date nice guys and go for the bad boy I believe are for several reasons. 


One, I think these women believe the nice guy will be boring , predictable and many want the excitement of not knowing what will happen next with the bad boy. Two, I think many women think that they can change and mold a man. With a bad boy they have that opportunity. They see it as a challenge or project.


What it all boils down to is maturity.  A lot of this thinking comes with being young and immature. As many woman grow up and experience life they begin to appreciate the guys that are nice and chivalrous and respectful. So to you gentlemen out there I implore you to remain unwavering. Never abandon your gentlemanly like ways because the WRONG woman didnt appreciate them. The RIGHT woman will love it. ~ ♚