August 06, 2013

So you want to learn how to tie a bow tie... GREAT! Every man should graduate from a clip on bow tie to a self tie. Tying a bow tie is a form of artistry. Clip on bow ties look too symmetrical, too perfect. A self tied bow tie looks awesome because of its imperfection. Here are steps to creating to masterpiece.


Bow tie Origin and History-----> 

Learn the different Bow tie Styles----->

Musing with Justin #10


Everyone needs love, but so many fear expressing their needs because they have been robbed of so much and wounded in so many ways. So what you have today are men and women searching for love with a bloodsuckers mentality. The more we collect the less we have to give. We begin to adapt the ways of those who have stolen from us and wounded us.

People are looking for love to "look" a certain way. It's not a look. That's lust you are entertaining. Love is a word that is very overused and definitely misunderstood. Love will take time with you to see you through. Love will stick with you through the trials and tribulations. Love will never leave you or forsake you. Love gives even when you have nothing to give.

Patient, Long-suffering, Faithful & Charitable that is what love is.

Don't take this personal, its just personal. ~ ♚