September 26, 2013

So you want to learn how to tie a bow tie... GREAT! Every man should graduate from a clip on bow tie to a self tie. Tying a bow tie is a form of artistry. Clip on bow ties look too symmetrical, too perfect. A self tied bow tie looks awesome because of its imperfection. Here are steps to creating to masterpiece.


Bow tie Origin and History-----> 

Learn the different Bow tie Styles----->

Musing with Justin #11

Sometimes we can be our own killjoys. We worry so much... TOO MUCH about what others think. We're so caught up in the stresses and the expectations this world puts upon us that we can rob ourselves of our own joy. There are so many wealthy and famous people in the world who have no peace, no life, no love, no joy. Their tanks are full of pride and feeding off of public perception.

We can't sit around and let our circumstances and problems beat us down. We must fight back... Fight for our peace, our joy, our love. Through everything, we must maintain our joy. Our joy is our strength. 

Don't take this personal, it's just personal. ~ ♚