October 01, 2013

So you want to learn how to tie a bow tie... GREAT! Every man should graduate from a clip on bow tie to a self tie. Tying a bow tie is a form of artistry. Clip on bow ties look too symmetrical, too perfect. A self tied bow tie looks awesome because of its imperfection. Here are steps to creating to masterpiece.


Bow tie Origin and History-----> 

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Jealously, Envy and Hate

Success, everyone wants to have it whether it is in our marriages,, relationships, our careers, sports or just in life overall. Yet to obtain it, many look to take the elevator instead of climbing the steps. Success isn't about having all the skills in the world but having the consistency and faith to see ourselves to that finish line.

With success comes jealously, envy and hate. You know what, jealousy and envy are actually a lot closer than you may think. Many are happy for your success as long as you're not as successful as them. They don't mind you having dreams, they just hate to see your dreams come true. Folks who aren't happy will create reasons to hate you when they see that other people love you. Some people envy you just for being you. Be cause they can't find the courage to be themselves. 

I'm not here to be better than anyone, I'm here to be a better me. I don't have any bitter feelings or wish ill will upon anyone. I'm comfortable with who I am and I'm happy. I've had a small measure of success but I never allow it to get to my head. If you follow me Facebook or Twitter I constantly post "Work Hard, Stay Humble". It's a constant reminder for myself. I've learned not to cast a spotlight on success. Too many people campaigning for the spotlight doesn't help anyone grow, but creates animosity.

Success doesn't discriminate. Anyone who wants it bad enough and willing to work for it can achieve it. If you want to remain successful, it's a MUST that you be above the jealously, envy and hate.

Don't take it personal, it's just personal. ~ ♚